Evening Routines Tame the Morning Rush


Do your evening routines tame the morning rush?


Routines are preparation for the coming day. They work much better than just winging it.


Evening routines every night get me ready for the next day. For moms that are strictly homeschool moms, this works for you, too. Adopt new routines now to save your sanity. 


Even if you have no plans to go anywhere the next day, an evening routine will save your sanity come sunrise. What are the top three items on your list that need attention first thing in the morning?

Do your evening routines provide value to your mornings?


Continue reading for some ideas on how evening routines tame the morning rush.


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Around the House:

  • Choose clothes for the day ahead of time. This will take the guesswork out of getting dressed. Find any matching accessories and set them out as well. Wash and dry your clothes a day or two in advance to make your evening routine simple. Get ironing done the night before.


  • Get backpacks or work bags taken care of the night before. Take time each evening to think through the next day. Prepare what you need to take with you. This will eliminate a frantic search in the morning. Sign forms that need a signature. Put them in the backpacks. Set money out for lunches and school field trips. This will save so much time in the morning.


  • Fill the gas tank up with gas. Do this the night before. Don’t wait until the morning. It saves time.

clean kitchen evening routines tame morning rush



In the Kitchen:


  • Take care of lunches the night before. Bag up items that do not need refrigeration. Set them on the counter within eyesight. Containers should be cleaned and ready to go. Children can choose their lunch items the night before.
  • Pack cold food items and keep them in a convenient spot in the fridge. Find any utensils needed as well as straws and napkins. They can be put in the lunchbox ahead of time.
  • The kitchen should be prepared and ready for the next day. A clean kitchen with a clean sink will save your sanity. You will not have to hunt for clean items because they will be clean and in their proper place.
  • Get the coffee pot ready to go the night before. When you wake up, all that is required is the press of a button. That way, if you are running a few minutes behind, you can still have your morning cup o’ joe.

evening routines tame mornings


Breakfast Prep

  • Know what breakfast will be before you go to sleep the night before. Make a few recipes in batch cooking when time allows. I have several things I make ahead of time that works well.
  • Smoothies can be made in bulk and frozen. Then set them in the fridge the night before to help thaw. They will most likely be icy when you are ready to use them. Just add a little extra liquid or a few small pieces of frozen fruit, blend it for 30 seconds, and serve. It is so much easier than dragging all of the ingredients out every morning.
  • This Magic Bullet NutriBullet Rx is what I use every day for smoothies. It is the most powerful Nutribullet that saves me so much time with smoothie prep. It’s also perfect for blending soups to the perfect consistency.



These evening routines tame the morning rush!




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Routines at Night Make Easy Mornings


Establishing a before-bed routine will help you start your day off on the right foot. It will improve your health because of the stress it will eliminate from your day. Beginning your day in such a manner sets you up for success the rest of the day.


When children wake up many times, we hit the ground running. There is no time to think. Prepare as much as you can the night before, and your mornings will be on autopilot.


I have my routines down to a science most of the time. My mornings run like clockwork when my evening routines have taken place. I can get breakfast out of the oven and turn the coffee pot on at the same time each day because of my evening routines.


Preparation is key. Evening routines tame the morning rush.



My savvy tip for the day is to put anything frozen that you need for dinner the next night in the fridge to thaw before you go to bed. This will save you the trouble of remembering it during your morning rush. Do any possible prep work the night before. A clean kitchen first thing in the morning will make you smile. Evening routines tame the morning rush.

I promise.


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