How to Keep Your House Clean and Organized Every Day

cleaning gloves, sponges, and spray bottle for cleaning

You can keep your house clean and organized every day with these easy to follow steps! I’ve rounded up my best posts on cleaning, organizing, and decluttering so you don’t have to. Ready, Set, Clean!!! How to De-clutter Your Kitchen The kitchen can be so intimidating when it comes to a good declutter job. I’ve […]

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How to Declutter for the Christmas Holiday

Christmas holiday with ornaments and lights

Where Do You Start to Declutter Before Christmas Figuring out how to declutter for the Christmas holiday can seem like a daunting task. But don’t worry! We will break it down into simple steps to make it less overwhelming. Have a plan for the job because then you won’t feel so much stress over it. […]

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How to De-clutter Your Kitchen

dirty dishes in the kitchen sink to declutter and clean

Where to Start with a De-clutter Sometimes the most challenging part with how to de-clutter your kitchen is just getting started. It’s hard to begin when you don’t have a jumping-off point. So, the most accessible place to start a kitchen de-clutter is always with the kitchen counters and island. As an example, clearing the […]

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