Easy Hands Free Mess Free Meatball Prep

Do you love meatballs as much as I do?

It is one of the easiest meals I can get on the table with very little prep time involved.

Easy hands free mess free meatball prep might be my love language. I love easy. Especially in the kitchen. Using your hands to mix meatballs is not necessary. This makes me happy. The less we touch the raw meat the less we need to clean. Clean less?  Yes, please! Thankfully there is a better way!


One of my favorite kitchen tools is a dough blender also known as a pastry cutter. It works for so much more than dough. The dough blender works very well on the meatball ingredients. It blends it all together so your hands stay clean. When necessary I use a knife to scrape off the mixture and then work it until the mixture is combined.



Mess Free Meatball Prep

My next step was to form the meatballs with clean hands. That is where my cookie scoop comes in handy. It makes the perfect sized meatballs. The process is easy and much faster than if you were to prep by hand. No more meatball mixture stuck to your hands like cement. This makes it easy enough that the kiddos can get in the kitchen and help, too.

Dinnertime does not have to be hard. It is my least favorite meal to prepare so I always look for ways to make it easier. Life gets in the way which makes it hard to eat healthy at home. My goal is to find ways to make it possible to eat at home and not spend hours in preparation.


My savvy tip for the day is to keep dinner simple. It doesn’t have to be fancy to be delicious. New recipes are great to try on occasion. When it’s a busy week full of homeschool and appointments simple is much less overwhelming. Less ingredients get dinner on the table fast.

Simple is delicious!

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