How to Clean Stainless Steel: The Refrigerator

I think we can all agree that figuring out how to clean stainless steel is a big chore. Especially if you want to keep it clean for a while without any smudges.

When I run out of a store bought cleaner, I go looking for a natural way to clean the refrigerator. Some product that I keep in stock on a regular basis. That way it will always be around when the urge to clean strikes.

Vinegar is my new “go to” product for cleaning my fridge. It does an excellent job of cutting grease. Think of how many times your refrigerator door gets opened in a single day.

Still counting? Let me help. It’s infinity.

The refrigerator door is the single most opened door in my house. Because teenagers. And do you think that they have clean hands when they open the door?

I’ll wait while you finish laughing.

So many fingerprints and greasy smudges. So little time.

Enter a vinegar and water mix to save the day. It works so much better than I expected it to. As I type this it has been 8 days since I last cleaned the outside of my refrigerator and it still looks great!

How to Clean Stainless Steel in the Kitchen.

How to Clean Stainless Steel: What to Use

I use an empty spray bottle from Home Depot then fill it with a half vinegar half water mix. You can adjust this ratio and use all vinegar if you prefer.

You can find my favorite kind of microfiber rags here. I have tried many different kinds and much prefer this kind to all the others. The shiny microfiber cloth works exceptionally well for this kind of cleaning.

How to Clean Stainless Steel: Cleaning Directions

Spray the surface of the refrigerator with the mixture and wipe with a microfiber cloth that is wet with warm water. The warm water will also help with cutting the grease while the microfiber cloth is great for wiping it away.

This process works best when you wipe with the direction of the grain in your stainless steel. It should be either a side to side or up and down motion.

You may need to spray the refrigerator then wipe a second time if the grease is really built up.

How to Clean Stainless Steel: Why Vinegar Works

Vinegar does a great job of cutting the grease. When you wipe it away with a warm and wet microfiber cloth you are removing all of the grease and residue from the refrigerator.

There is nothing left behind except for really clean stainless steel.

With other cleaners there is often a residue left behind that is never completely cleaned off. The reside then attracts dust and dirt along with any other oils and grease it comes into contact with.

The result is that your refrigerator never looks clean.

You can spray, wipe and scrub forever and still not get the results you are after. Kick the expensive cleaners to the curb and stick with vinegar because it works so much better.

How to Clean Stainless Steel in the Kitchen.

How to Clean Stainless Steel: The Kitchen Sink

There is nothing better than coming in to a clean kitchen sink in the morning! Well, except coffee.

Coffee is always better, but a clean sink is definitely a close second.

I have a big stainless steel sink in my kitchen without a divider. It’s just one big sink that can fit almost anything in it.

And I love for it to shine.

Especially in the morning.

I keep it shiny by using baking soda with a little bit of water. Then, I scrub it with a sponge and rinse completely. Next, I spray it down with vinegar to help disinfect and scrub again.

Finally, I repeat the rinsing and wipe it dry with a cotton towel.

Perfection! Shiny and clean.

How to Clean Stainless Steel in the Kitchen.

How to Clean Stainless Steel: The Microwave

A stainless steel microwave works much the same way as a stainless steel refrigerator. Just as many smudges and greasy fingerprints although less opening of the door on a daily basis.

Spray it down with vinegar and wipe clean with a warm, wet microfiber cloth.

Additionally, you can use water and vinegar to clean the inside of your microwave. This will have it as sparkly clean as your stainless steel is on the outside.

1. Put one cup water in a glass bowl.
2. Add 2 TBSP white vinegar.
3. Heat on high 5 minutes.
4. Let stand for 5 minutes while it cools.
5. Remove glass bowl carefully and wipe down inside of microwave.

The steam that is created in combination with the vinegar makes for an excellent cleaning solution.

Your microwave will shine inside and out.

How to Clean Stainless Steel in the Kitchen.

How to Clean Stainless Steel: The Benefits of Vinegar

Vinegar is a natural and inexpensive cleaner to use around the house. It is a product that most people keep on hand which makes it very convenient.

It has disinfecting properties. This makes it perfect as a sanitizer such as in a stainless steel kitchen sink.

Grease is an unwelcomed guest in the kitchen. Vinegar works well at cutting the grease so that it can be cleaned effectively.

In turn, this helps with keeping stainless steel shiny and smudge free.

Since vinegar is not an abrasive substance it’s another top reason to use it as a cleaner for your stainless steel. The grain of your stainless steel appliances will not be harmed.

There are countless cleaners on the market with many aimed at owners of stainless steel appliances and kitchen sinks. Vinegar is inexpensive while still being effective at getting the job done.

Try it in your kitchen and see how bright your stainless steel can shine!

How to Clean Stainless Steel in the Kitchen.

Savvy Tip

MicroFiber Cloths are my bff’s when it comes to cleaning my house. I use them everywhere. They work very well on stainless steel, granite, mirrors, windows, faucets in the kitchen and bath as well as on doorknobs. Like I said. Everywhere.

I mentioned previously that I have tried many kinds of microfiber. Not all are as effective as I prefer. This kind of microfiber rags are my favorite for the areas of the home I mentioned here.

I especially love the way they pick up wet dirt and dust. Many microfiber cloths will just move it around. This specific kind picks it up so that you are able to clean properly.

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