You can keep your house clean and organized every day with these easy to follow steps!

I’ve rounded up my best posts on cleaning, organizing, and decluttering so you don’t have to.

Ready, Set, Clean!!!

How to De-clutter Your Kitchen

The kitchen can be so intimidating when it comes to a good declutter job. I’ve got just the tips to put you at ease and help you clean up, tidy up, and enjoy your space.

messy dishes in sink to clean and organize

How to Clean for 15 Minutes and Get Things Done

Yes, you really can get things clean in only 15 minutes! The key is doing smaller cleaning jobs more often to eliminate the need for marathon cleaning and decluttering sessions. Schedule the time daily for a home that is always clean.

It’s so easy to do!

clean and organize every day in 15 minutes

How to Clean Stainless Steel in the Kitchen

Stainless steel can be tricky to clean. Many cleaners leave behind streaks that attract every speck of dirt and dust that comes along. Follow these simple cleaning tips for a streak-free shine every time.

how to clean and organize in the kitchen

How to Clean a Cast Iron Skillet

Clean your cast iron like a pro with these two simple ingredients you already have at home. Next, season it well for a pan that cooks up good food in no time.

The KonMari Method to Tidying Up and Organization

It is possible to completely clean and organize your house for good. Do it once and never have to do it again.

Think it can’t be done? Click the link and see for yourself!

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How to Get Your House Ready for Thanksgiving

Getting ready for the holidays can seem like a daunting task.

Never fear!

I break it down into manageable steps. All you need is a cleaning plan in your schedule. You will be ready for all of your family and guests in plenty of time to enjoy your Thanksgiving.

Click the link to find out how.

How to Declutter for the Christmas Holiday

Don’t let getting prepped and ready for the Christmas holiday leave you feeling overwhelmed. You can get your home cleaned and decluttered for a cozy, inviting atmosphere for family and friends.

Christmas holiday with ornaments and lights

To sum it up, the links above will lead you to everything you need to know about how to keep your home clean and organized every day!

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