Where to Start with a De-clutter

Sometimes the most challenging part with how to de-clutter your kitchen is just getting started.

It’s hard to begin when you don’t have a jumping-off point. So, the most accessible place to start a kitchen de-clutter is always with the kitchen counters and island.

As an example, clearing the kitchen counters will open space for you to go through everything.

First, clear away every paper, item of food, or dishes that are taking up space. Second, wipe down the counters to ensure that they are clean. Save going through any papers for another day. The task is a kitchen declutter, so don’t get sidetracked.

Now you are ready to begin to de-clutter your kitchen.

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SWOMMOLY Spice Rack with 24 Empty Round Spice Jars

A spice rack is an excellent solution for freeing up counter space while making spices easier to locate.

Simple Houseware White/Black Magazine File Folder Organizer Box

Containing paper clutter can be a never-ending job. I use magazine boxes like the ones linked above to contain all of the paper in my home. Use boxes that color coordinate with your home decor and turn them, so the opening faces the wall.

How to Declutter in the Kitchen

Start the process with something simple. For instance, I recommend going through your spices first, to get your feet wet. Throw away anything that is out of date or that you have not used for a long time. Consequently, if you have spices you bought but were never brave enough to try, throw those away, too.

You know your kitchen better than anyone. As a result, you are the most qualified to decide what comes next. After decluttering your spices choose an item that is the least overwhelming.

Save anything that requires more thought for the end. Big decisions slow down the de-clutter process. For that reason, leave any sentimental items or things that you are not sure about until later.

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Items to De-clutter in the Kitchen

  • spices
  • plastic containers/lids that are missing their counterpart
  • cookbooks
  • stained and tattered hot pad holders
  • stained and tattered kitchen towels
  • pantry items that are expired
  • refrigerator items that are expired
  • freezer items that are expired
  • anything hanging on the outside of the fridge
  • clutter that it on top of the fridge
  • old dish sets with most pieces missing or broken
  • serving platters and serving sets no longer in use
  • old pots and pans
  • the kitchen junk drawer
  • small broken and unused appliances
  • storage cabinets used for seasonal items

This list is not an exhaustive list. However, it is a perfect place to start.

Continue going down the list as you declutter. For the sake of your sanity, concentrate on one item from this list at a time. That is to say, don’t pull everything out at once. You will get overwhelmed with no space to work.

What to do with the Kitchen Items you Clean Out

Most items you should throw away. But anything useful that is still in working condition, you can donate to a local mission thrift store or something similar.

Old cookbooks are a perfect example of something worth donating. I get almost all of my recipes online these days. However, I do still use a few select cookbooks.

Someone might be on the lookout for what you have.

If you have pots and pans or small kitchen appliances that are no longer useful, check into your city waste disposal site as an option.

I always want to be aware of how my disposal affects others. Most importantly, choose to dispose of items correctly. Many times they are repurposed or taken care of in a way that is safe for the environment.

When to De-Clutter

The best time to de-clutter is once you decide to do it. After that, don’t put it off for the simple fact that you could talk yourself out of it!

Further, schedule time to accomplish the task. Depending on how big your kitchen is, decluttering could be a massive job. Take it in bite-sized pieces. Here is my post on cleaning house in just 15 minutes. 15 Minutes to a Clean Home

Any weekend or holiday is an example of when to schedule a kitchen declutter.

Certainly, spare yourself the stress and frustration of scheduling it too close to an important event. Relieve yourself of that pressure.

Trust me on this.

If you want a plan to clean your house in preparation for a big event, besides, here is a post I wrote on getting your home ready for Thanksgiving. All of the information is useful for any large event you are preparing to host.

How to Get Your House Ready for Thanksgiving

Why You Should De-Clutter

A successful de-clutter will help you breath easier.

We have less stress in our lives when there is less to manage. As a result, you will have more time to do the things you love instead of worrying over the clutter.

An epic de-clutter opens up space. It just feels good.

Once you de-clutter all the things, after that, it is easier to organize what is left.

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How to Keep the Clutter Away

One of the easiest ways to keep clutter at bay is to be very selective about what you add back in. To clarify, decide that you actually need something before you give it space in your kitchen cabinet.

My best tip for keeping paper clutter off of your kitchen counters is to go paperless on as many things as you can. Very little of what we need can’t be accessed online. Ditch the paper mail, and you will be happier for it.

Most importantly, touch items only once. When you pick it up, go ahead and put it in the proper place. That is to say; if you move something to get it out of the way, you will need to move it again because it will not yet be in its proper place.

I still need work on this tip myself. Because when I practice it regularly, my house stays clean and clutter-free most of the time.


An Organizing Tip

One of the best things I did to contain the paper clutter in my home is buying some of these Magazine File Holder Organizer .

The magazine organizers were just what I needed to contain all of the paper clutter that came into my home from three different schools during the year. I used folders for each child and kept them in the magazine holders.

As a result, my son’s senior year was a breeze. I kept up with all senior activities and responsibilities effortlessly. Moreover, all of my papers stayed out of sight and easy to locate.

I chose a mix of gray and black shades for the magazine holders. No one would ever guess they hid a bunch of school papers! My trick is to turn them around so that the open part faces the wall.

They are more aesthetically pleasing that way.

In Conclusion

To sum it up, you can schedule whatever time works best for you when it comes to a big kitchen de-clutter. Be sure to start small and save the things that require more thought for the end.

You’ve got this!

Your savvy tip for the day is to schedule something fun to do after you have finished the de-clutter of your kitchen. Reward yourself for all of the hard work and have a great time!

What challenges do you face when de-cluttering in your kitchen and elsewhere? Let me know in the comments. I can help!

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