Are you hosting Thanksgiving this year? Do you know how to get your house ready for Thanksgiving?

Do you feel overwhelmed by getting your house clean for the holidays?

Follow these simple steps to get your house ready for Thanksgiving for a stress-free event.

The key is preparation.

Start early enough with a plan in place, and you will have success.

With that in mind, here are three items I highly recommend for anyone hosting a holiday event.

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Cheese Board and Knife Set Bamboo Charcuterie Platter

A charcuterie board is an excellent way to serve meat and cheese as an appetizer. Mine was a big hit around the holidays last year. What yummy things will you add to yours this year?

3 Tier Cupcake Stand – Porcelain

A tiered dessert stand adds height to your table, which gives interest to the food spread. You can put small desserts on the stand, finger sandwiches, or other appetizers. Your guests will be able to serve themselves efficiently from different angles. Try it for muffins in the morning, too.

3 Piece Serving Bowl Set – Porcelain

You can never have too many serving bowls. It seems like no matter how many you have; you always need more. Stock up now to be sure your Thanksgiving meal is well displayed.

How to Get Organized for Holiday Cleaning

  • Make a list of the things in your home that need attention. Do repairs need to be done? Think about the areas of your home where guests will stay. Do any of the rooms require a deep clean? Write it all down.
  • Research how to do any repairs on your own. Alternatively, hire a professional to complete the work. Allow enough time for each project.
  • List any supplies you need to deep clean the areas that need it. Do you need cleaners, rags, vacuum cleaner bags, or trash bags? Make a list and stock up on the required items.
  • Do you have areas that you can de-clutter? Now is the time to work on that. Don’t wait until the week before Thanksgiving. Cleaning out the clutter takes time and consideration. You do not need to de-clutter the entire house because your guests will not investigate your closets! Focus on the areas that guests will see. It is easier to keep a home clean when there is less clutter to control.
  • Will guests be staying in your home? What needs doing to get the rooms and beds ready for their arrival.

You’ve just completed the first steps to get your house ready for Thanksgiving!

pumpkins and fall decor on a white background

Cleaning Projects for the Coming Holiday

2 Weeks is Plenty of Time

  • Work from top to bottom. Vacuum walls, ceilings, window sills, and around baseboards. I use my vacuum for cleaning lampshades as well as furniture because it is easy. As a result, it makes the job quick and leaves no cleaning residue behind to attract dust. Dust will fall as you clean, so don’t worry about it since you will clean it when you clean the floors.
  • Vacuum carpets thoroughly. Move furniture out of the way if necessary. Go room by room for the most efficiency. Start on the top floor and work your way down if your home has more than one story. It is easier to carry the vacuum down the stairs as you go than it is to go up. Incidentally, vacuum the stairs on the way down if your steps have carpet.
  • Schedule a carpet cleaning if your carpets need it to get your house ready for Thanksgiving.
  • Clean the fireplace if needed or schedule a propane delivery, so you do not run out while guests are visiting.

I use a 15-minute method that helps me keep my house clean. I used to have marathon in-depth cleaning sessions, but no longer need them. You can read all about my simple 15 minute cleaning method here.

Start early enough with a plan in place, and you will have success.

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More Cleaning and Organizing for Thanksgiving

  • Dust surfaces that you did not use your vacuum hose to clean. Dry dusting with a microfiber cloth works best. Any dust cleaner will attract dust, requiring that you dust more often. I’m not particularly eager to dust. Consequently, I vacuum all of the dust so that I don’t have to do it often.
  • Deep clean all showers, bathtubs, toilets, and floors. If you have let the bathrooms go, it might take a few times over the next two weeks to get it all done. Be sure to address any mold or soap scum buildup in the showers and tubs. Deep clean every area of your toilets. Get around the bottom of the bowls as well as any drips that fall down the front of them. Boys anyone? De-clutter your bathroom counters so that they will be easy to clean.
  • Declutter in areas that need attention. Think about magazines, crafting supplies, shoes, backpacks, papers, and anything else, not in its proper place.

Only one week left to get your house ready for Thanksgiving!

Your Kitchen To-Do List the Week Before Thanksgiving

  • Clean out your pantry and get rid of anything that has expired as well as things you no longer need.
  • Declutter all kitchen counters as well as the top of the refrigerator.
  • Clean all surfaces, including the stovetop, counters, and cabinet doors.
  • Clean out the refrigerator and freezer. Throw away old food and wipe down shelves as well as the inside of drawers.
  • Make a list of anything you need, such as foil, plastic bags, parchment paper, paper towels, or plastic wrap.
  • Now is the time to get more towels and bedding if you need to replace anything or add additional sets.
  • Make sure all other bedding and blankets are clean and ready to go.

How to Get Your House Ready for Thanksgiving

The Last 5 Days to Get Ready for the Holiday

  • If guests are staying with you, go ahead and get the beds made. Prep the rooms with extra blankets. Check that all of the lights work and that plugs are accessible for charging their electronics.
  • If some rooms are in use, go ahead and get everything ready that you can. Then add clean sheets on Thanksgiving morning if not before then.
  • Vacuum the middle of your floors to freshen up. The deep cleaning is complete. Everything under and around the furniture will still be in good shape. The middle of the rooms with foot traffic are the only things to focus on now.
  • Check the outside of your home and clean or straighten up anything that needs attention there. Include cleaning up after pets. Remove any dead potted plants, sweep the porch and driveway. Clean the surface of any outside seating. Make sure toys and gardening tools are out of sight.
  • Clean any windows and glass doors that need attention. You can go back and spot clean the day before Thanksgiving if required.

You’ve worked so hard to get your house ready for Thanksgiving!

Kitchen, Bathroom, and Bedroom Prep for Thanksgiving

  • Thanksgiving dishes need preparation. Run them through the dishwasher to remove any dust. Wash any delicate tableware by hand. Polish silver that you will use for the meal.
  • Find serving utensils and clean them if needed. Do this with any serving bowls and platters as well.
  • Wash and prepare table linens.
  • Do a quick wipe down of the bathrooms that guests will use.
  • Make beds or have linens ready for clean sheets to go on the beds on Thanksgiving morning.
  • Clear out space for coats to fit in the coat closet.
  • Buy wood for the fireplace.
  • Stock bathrooms with plenty of toilet paper, hand soap, and hand towels.
  • Stock kitchen with dish tabs, dish soap, and plenty of trash bags.
  • Dust the television screen so that the football games and Thanksgiving Day parade are clear for everyone.

In conclusion, enjoy the day with family and friends! You have planned and worked hard for it. Your guests will feel welcomed and loved, so cherish all of the memories.

I love Thanksgiving Day.

I got excited and sentimental about it just writing this post. Happy Thanksgiving blessings to you and yours!

In conclusion, your savvy tips for today are to have extra kitchen towels on hand. The Thanksgiving meal prep will always require more towels than you can imagine! Don’t forget to plan time to get yourself ready, too. And one last thing, have extra travel size items on hand if your guests forget to bring something with them.

I found a great article to help with Thanksgiving food shopping and prep.

What is your favorite Thanksgiving tradition? Could you share it in the comments with me?