Dealing with Cystic Acne

For those with the goal of natural remedies and avoiding pharmaceuticals it can be hard to come up with a solution that works. I see the question, “how do I handle my teenager’s acne” asked often in Facebook groups. Over and over again the response is to use probiotics. Heal the gut and the skin issues will take care of themselves. This would probably be great advice if it worked for everyone all of the time. Dealing with cystic acne is a tricky business. I am all about probiotics feeding the gut for optimal health. I have certainly used this method for myself as well as my family.

It isn’t always that simple. Sometimes you need more. One size does not fit all in this situation because everyone is different. Eliminating foods is another suggestion I see mentioned. I get it. We have eliminated foods in this house, too. How many of you have a teenager that is willing to give up a laundry list of foods in the quest for improved skin? That’s a big NOPE for me. Any why would they want to?

Teens have a hard enough time with life. Navigating highschool, hormones and a myriad of other issues related to growing up. Hence adding a painful, inflamed case of acne to the mix is a gut punch to their self esteem. I know from first hand experience as I saw my son walk down that road.

Cystic Acne How to Help In Two Easy Steps

Searching for Answers

It broke my heart.

I spent a lot of money as well as many hours while searching for products that would work. We tried many products with different regimens. A multiple step process for cleaning the face became a constant part of my son’s morning and evening routine. Due to this it was exhausting for him and for me. Day after day going through the long drawn out process with nothing to show for it.

Dermatologists have their place. For that reason, I use one for my own skin cancer. However, that is something I wanted to avoid for my son if at all possible. The gut is already a delicate ecosystem. I did not want the constant use of antibiotics to fight against it. My goal was to bypass steroids at all costs. Furthermore, I was also not fond of Isotretinoin as it does come with a list of side effects.


Cystic acne healed over two months time. Blemishes and scarring both greatly improved.

A Solution for Cystic Acne

I looked for something as natural as possible and as a result found it in the most unlikely of places. It is a simple system with just two products. The European Union is one of the strictest at regulating ingredients for skincare. They have banned over 1,300 ingredients from skincare products. The products I found follow the EU standards banning all 1,300 ingredients from the list. Then they went a step further and added 100 additional ingredients to the list of things they will not put in their products, therefore making them even better.

Is this really possible? Yes! It is possible. Clean ingredients with a HydraLipid Delivery System above all others that increases the absorption of those active ingredients. It transports them to where they are needed most which is under the skin! Most noteworthy is that it not only healed my son’s cystic acne it also healed the scarring. He has been using it for just over 2 months now with AMAZING results. The redness and inflammation were the first thing to go. Consequently watching his transformation has made this mom’s heart happy!

Finally a system that works! If you would love to try a sample of this amazing skincare click below to get signed up. A sample will arrive at your door!