In the Kitchen

My kitchen is our family’s main hub. A busy place for sure! Get great recipes that are easy to prepare as well as healthy for your family. I use my Instant Pot regularly and love sharing recipes to help others. I am gluten free and my daughter is almost completely nut free. Look for recipes that accommodate both dietary restrictions. Learn from my years of experience to save you time with meal prep.

Sugar Addiction and How to Break the Cycle

Sugar Addiction

Breaking My Sugar Addiction I came face to face with my sugar addiction over four years ago but didn’t know how to break the cycle. No matter how hard I tried, I could not stop drinking Dr. Pepper, eating candy, cake, and cookies. It was an addiction as strong as any other addiction people face. […]

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How a Clean Refrigerator Can Help You Eat Healthier

How a Clean Refrigerator Help You Eat Healthy

 A Clean Refrigerator Brings Healthy Meals Does it work? It has helped me! And now I will show you how a clean refrigerator can help you eat healthier.    Less food waste has been a great benefit. Eliminating food waste saves money. Usually, fresh fruits and veggies tend to end up in the trash a few weeks later. […]

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Easy Hands Free Mess Free Meatball Prep

  Easy Hands Free Mess Free Meatball Prep Do you love meatballs as much as I do? It is one of the easiest meals I can get on the table with very little prep time involved. Easy hands free mess free meatball prep might be my love language. I love easy. Especially in the kitchen. […]

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