KonMari Method: Start with Decluttering/Discarding

The KonMari Method really can be life changing. As someone who did this in waves during a move, I highly recommend doing it all at once if at all possible. Save yourself the headache. Start the process and do not stop until it is complete. You can thank me later. Says the lady on a first name basis with the sales associates at every thrift store in the area.


The biggest idea to the KonMari method is the idea of discarding fully and completely. Don’t do it halfway or it will never be completed. Set time aside for your discarding and realize that for most people it will not be done in a day.

For some it takes up to 6 months. But don’t leave anything out. The idea is to hold everything in your hands as you make the decision of what to keep. As a result you will know what is to be discarded from your home.

KonMari Method to tidying and organization.

Keep only what sparks joy.

This idea may seem silly to you. By the same token, I believe it will help you make the decision of what items to keep. There is no point to a closet full of clothes that we do not like or will not wear. They take up valuable real estate in our homes. Today I finally let go of a sweater that I have never felt comfortable in. It took several years to come to this point. Yet in that time I have only worn it once. Maybe twice.

WHAT was I waiting for?!

Make tidying a special event instead of a daily chore.

Tidying a little at a time means tidying forever. Do I ever know the truth in that statement! I spent years rearranging the clutter while trying to organize it in a neat and tidy fashion. What I discovered? You can’t organize clutter. I promise.

As a matter of fact, I began my tidying up journey before ever hearing of the KonMari Method.

I made the decision to declutter my life while in the middle of a move. We cleared out our home for the staging. For MONTHS two storage units kept secrets of how much junk we really had. Due to this fact we were shocked at what all was in storage once we actually moved .

After the move we spent months cleaning out while holding everything we owned in our hands. It was almost too easy at this point because I refused to keep anything I didn’t want to move again.

The thrift store clerks became very familiar with me for a while. I refused to give up though and went as often as I needed to in order to complete the task.

In hindsight, it would have been easier to discard and declutter everything before ever listing my house for sale. However, I am thankful the job was done no matter how drawn out the task became.

KonMari Method to tidying and organizing clothes in a closet.

KonMari Method: Sort by category not location.

Last week I read the book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Mari Kondo. My thought was that I knew enough just from watching her hit show on Netflix. I was wrong.

Sorting by category instead of location is a brilliant idea.

The KonMari Method teaches to discard in a certain order when it comes to the categories. Clothes is first on the list and makes sense as such. The method requires that all of the clothes in the home come out at once to be sorted through. Everything in one place.

If you have seen the show Tidying Up you know that this method can create a mountain of clothing. A daunting task, I am sure. But just think about how great it would feel to accomplish it all in one fell swoop.

Definitely order the book for yourself here if you have not done so! It will go much more in depth on the how and why to the categories. And trust me when I say there really is a magic to tidying up.

The order of categories for discarding unwanted items is as follows.

  1. Clothes
  2. Books
  3. Papers
  4. Miscellaneous

I have a few papers that I need to go through yet again. I guess that is on my list for this weekend.

KonMari Method: Storage

Have a place for everything.

This is SO important!!! Every item must have a specific place so that everyone knows exactly where to put it back. Things that don’t have a specific place contribute to the clutter in our homes for the simple fact that they are always out.

KonMari Method at Home to Declutter your Life.

Keep storage simple.

You do not need to spend a ton of money buying fancy organization items. I use what I have on hand. After almost 20 years of trying to organize, I have accumulated a few organizational items.

Boxes, small plastic containers, totes, baskets and anything else you can find will work just fine. You may want to get coordinating baskets or plastic containers at some point. However, the task is about finding a home for everything. So in the beginning just use what is on hand.

Don’t scatter storage spaces.

This method will keep you from buying multiples of anything because it will all be in one place. My only problem category is my family’s first aid items. I store them in the pantry, hall linen closet and the linen closet in my bathroom.

No wonder we are always hunting things down when we need them! This weekend all of my first aid items will be moved to one spot. No more treasure hunts every time someone bleeds.

And there you have it. The basic points of the KonMari Method of tidying up. While I don’t agree with her view on thanking the items or her view on meditation, I will say that her method of tidying up is well researched. It is also driven by much trial and error on her part. I just assumed that she was a naturally tidy person which is not the case at all!

My final thought is that anyone can learn to be tidy. I come by it naturally while others in my family do not. But it CAN be taught.

One small step at a time.

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