A Clean Refrigerator Brings Healthy Meals

Does it really work? It has helped me! And now I will show you how a clean refrigerator can help you eat healthier.
Less food waste has been a great benefit. One that I feel very good about. Fresh fruits and veggies tend to end up in the trash a few weeks later. We forget what we have in the fridge. Food gets lost behind a host of leftovers that are way past their prime. Sometimes our ambition gets the best of us. We end up with ingredients we aren’t familiar with and in fact have no clue how to use in a recipe. Simple is best.
Of course there are times for trying new recipes. Don’t use the middle of the week to be ambitious in the kitchen. Meals can be healthy and delicious with just a few ingredients. Plan meals that use some of the same ingredients to make things easier. Not to mention all of the money you will save. It makes your prep time go further and not only that it also helps your ingredients get used up.  Food will no longer be lost in the dark corners of the fridge. As a matter of fact, a clean refrigerator can help you eat healthier!
How a Clean refrigerator can help you eat healthier

Organize for a Clean Refrigerator

One of the easiest ways to keep your refrigerator clean is something that can be accomplished in 15 minutes a day or less. You can read more about using 15 minutes for cleaning in a related post here. I constantly go through my fridge and move things to smaller containers as they get used up. I make a big pot of chili and usually store leftovers in a big container in the refrigerator. As the chili is used up for lunches or dinner the next day, it can be moved to something smaller. Given these points you will open space in your refrigerator and in like manner remind yourself of what needs to be used up.
My mind is always thinking ahead. I make plans for what all of the small amounts of leftovers can be used for. We will use leftover diced tomatoes to put in omelets. If I buy a big ham it gets used in salad and omelets on a regular basis. The hammock is then used to make an amazing pot of pinto beans. We will eat beans and cornbread for a few meals and then I will be thinking of how to use the beans in another meal. It cuts down on waste and allows me to cook less if I am able to use an ingredient in several different meals. Read more about that here.

Food Prep Means Less Waste

A refrigerator that stays clean will allow you to cook healthier. You will know what you have available making it easier to prepare delicious food for your family. You will be able to use up what you have instead of heading to the nearest restaurant. Being able to prepare food in your own kitchen gives you the power over your health. When you cook the food yourself you know exactly what goes into it. There are no surprises.
Veggies are very filling while also being good for our digestive health. Planning 2-3 meals that use most of the same veggies will cut down significantly on kitchen prep time. Chopping all of the veggies at once to divide between several meals is a definite time saver.